Too many applications from
unqualified candidates?

EuroLegalJobs Pre-selection Questions can help!


EuroLegalJobs Pre-selection Questions is an application sorting tool to help improve the recruitment of Legal professionals.
At pre-selection we help you ask the right questions to find the right people. Unsuitable candidates are filtered out. You'll save both time and money when recruiting.  

Benefits of using Pre-selection Questions:

  • Many unsuitable candidates are dissuaded from applying when faced with having to complete compulsory Pre-selection Questions

  • This service is automatically linked to our Applicant Tracker. An Applicant Tracking System (ATS) which allows you to log in to your account and browse relevant CVs and sort them in terms of suitability. A 'traffic light' system helps you sort from unsuitablepossiblesuitable to "for interview."

  • You get a quick overview of the Pre-selection Question responses - allowing you to save time by focusing on the most suitable candidates!

Without PSQs                                With PSQs

PSQ1Pre-selection Questions

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